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Compre Delas

O Compre Delas se fez presente no Subúrbio 360º – Mulheres de Favela, uma iniciativa da Caixa Econômica Federal e CUFA (Central Única das Favelas) a ação tem como objetivo promover o desenvolvimento socioeconômico nas favelas e emancipação das Mulheres.



Empreendedora venha expandir o seu negócio através do CHATGPT.

A Zara Comunicação e a Prefeitura de Salvador, através da Secretaria Municipal de Inovação e Tecnologia (SEMIT)  e da Secretaria Municipal de Políticas para Mulheres, Infância e Juventude (SPMJ) trazem até você a oficina “Como usar o ChatGPT para vender no Instagram”. 
Neste treinamento, exploraremos como você, empreendedora, pode utilizar duas ferramentas poderosas para expandir o alcance do seu negócio na internet.

Durante este treinamento, exploraremos as melhores práticas para usar o ChatGPT e o Instagram, mostrando exemplos reais de como outras empreendedoras têm usado essas ferramentas com sucesso. Além disso, você terá a oportunidade de praticar e receber feedback personalizado sobre como aplicar essas estratégias em seu próprio negócio.


Let’s Just Be Friends – No, Truly!

“connections aren’t effective if you don’t’re friends 1st.”

Its a range that’s duplicated always – by worried friends, by well-meaning relatives, by the people of Cosmo – exactly what about becoming friends a short while later?

Its an issue that provokes powerful responses from both camps. Some are staunch supporters of friendship after relationship, although some make a formidable discussion and only reducing exes from your schedules totally. We notice price in both methods, therefore I chose I needed to understand more about my own internet dating viewpoint and take each idea for a test drive or two, to ascertain where my allegiance finally belongs.

In some situations, like abusive interactions, it’s clear your cold turkey method is most beneficial. Trying to end up being buddies tends to be unhealthy for some, particularly if you are only trying to end up being pals with an ex as you aspire to restore some semblance for the link you’d. That is a toxic and eager way of love and friendship. Other people embrace to outdated connections because they are scared of experiencing an uncertain future, enchanting or else, plus they enable their own link with a defective previous link to protect against all of them from locating a new, positive union. If continuing to know an ex is actually hurting you more, it’s vital to chop all of them free it doesn’t matter what powerful your feelings tend to be for them.

In contrast, if you were in an union with somebody, there has having been something you appreciated about all of them in the first place. Maybe it was their particular love of life, possibly it actually was their own musical talents, possibly it absolutely was their unique intelligence, maybe it had been their ability to slam dunk a basketball – whatever it was, it did not fade away because you are don’t together. The essential issues that received you collectively, that attracted you to definitely each other, are nevertheless truth be told there whether you’re recent lovers or exes. In the event that you keep in mind that its your own commitment with changed, perhaps not the folks involved in it, you need to be able to preserve a beneficial relationship with an ex according to the preliminary issues that you loved about one another.

Keep in mind how circumstances felt whenever you met. Keep in mind everything you liked about all of them. Keep in mind every sort situations they performed available, and the stuff you enjoyed performing for them. Recall the give you support gave one another. Recall the wonderful experiences you provided. And try to keep a confident attitude, the one that claims “I understand that our connection should started to a finish, but i am grateful i eventually got to know-all associated with great reasons for having you, and that I feel fortunate that they – and you also – will stay within my life.”

It’s easier said than done, but I solidly believe it’s the course all of us should follow whenever feasible. After all, having many extra buddies is always much better than having some more opponents!

Think about you, visitors? Which side would you just take?

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Therapist and Existence Mentor Craig D. Lounsbrough Encourages Partners to locate Hope After Grief

Brief adaptation: Craig D. Lounsbrough, a Licensed expert Counselor with a Masters of Divinity level, loves to customize his periods with customers. One of is own main goals is to supply all of them resources in making their particular resides more important. After taking into consideration characters and requires, the guy creates a definite treatment plan that demonstrates the priorities associated with specific or pair. Within his matrimony therapy sessions, Craig stresses exactly how each person’s character can both complement and chafe the other person’s. Beyond their exclusive practice, Craig is promoting a wide-reaching collection of methods — including some publications — that help spread their information, and, as a religious-oriented consultant, much of Craig’s work consists of best practices for holding onto convictions in the modern culture.

Any time you invest in therapy with Licensed Professional Counselor Craig D. Lounsbrough, you will not attend any cookie-cutter periods.

“My method is essentially modern. While there are various other determining facets, the shape and shape of therapy depend on the individuality with the individual — or people — seeking treatment,” Craig mentioned.

This means, obviously, that he finds his customers’ personalities before establishing remedy plan built to fulfill a broad array requirements. He stated the guy starts with creating a Myers-Briggs identity visibility per customer following finishes a clinical observance.

But client comments, as well as their very own knowledge of whatever look for in therapy, also play an important role in a treatment plan.

“the particular conditions that customers have dictate the tenor, tone, rate, and total design associated with the guidance procedure,” Craig stated. “This approach matches the procedure into the individual clients, that may speed up healing results.”

Craig, whoever workplace is situated in the Denver suburbs, offers these types of specialized classes, in part, as a result of his distinctive history. He’s worked in psychiatric hospitals, church buildings, and schools for all the blind, merely to identify a few options. He was also a pastor for ten years.

Considering their experience employing an array of individuals, Craig recognizes exactly how couples and individuals can require dramatically different techniques in therapy. Whether their consumers have relationship dilemmas or deal with lingering issues from youth, the guy stays flexible enough to create a path ahead which fits their needs.

Tailoring treatment centered on characters and requires

Craig’s exercise pulls a variety of customers, who need a similarly great deal of treatment options.

“My demographic primarily includes four groupings,” the guy said. “grownups pursuing specific therapy, lovers pursuing relationship therapy, moms and dads getting help with youngsters or teenagers, and, at long last, families.”

While those demographics include a diverse mix of years and expectations, Craig mentioned his background has ready him in order to satisfy all of their needs.

“The modern character of my exercise is, to some extent, based on the populace associated with the Denver metroplex where in fact the exercise is based,” he said. “but considering an extremely varied history in neuro-scientific psychology, my personal set of skills is wide sufficient to provide successful services to the almost all these groups.”

Craig delivers numerous techniques to these multifaceted therapy sessions and uses them to find out more about each customer. The guy usually begins with proven tests and assessments.

“Among these are the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, the Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis, the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI-III), the Minnesota Multiphasic character Inventory (MMPI), along with other evaluation methods,” the guy stated. “we usually suggest numerous research tasks aswell.”

Though Craig has been in practice for almost 30 years and it has seen customers working with numerous problems in their life, the guy does see some common themes within his exercise.

“If I happened to be to condense therapy classes into usual motifs, they can be usually about discovering recovery, hope, and path once they believed every little thing was lost,” Craig said. “It really is helping the patient achieve the things they involved carry out, but did not fundamentally believe they may.”

Media Resources assist customers deal with Loss

Outside of their one-on-one or lovers guidance work, Craig features posted a substantial selection of writings on life, love, reduction, and despair. He has written six books and posts that have appeared in various mags.

“I’ve composed five publications, using my sixth arranged for release in later part of the 2018,” the guy stated. “I also have two various other publications in the works.”

Craig uses his guides in order to provide his consumers with tips to ponder among their treatment periods.

“I recommend ‘An Autumn’s Journey — Deep development in the Grief and loss in lifestyle’s month’ as a reference to manage suffering and loss,” he said.

This text requires readers to interact with a loss of profits in a culture very often wants these to move forward easily. “An Autumn’s Journey” assists them reframe their unique reduction as a means for personal growth and change.

“for the people enthusiastic about more vibrant individual progress, i would suggest a couple of my personal additional publications, ‘Flecks of Gold on a Path of Stone — Easy Truths for a lifetime’s advanced Journey’ and ‘Flecks of Gold on a road of rock — straightforward Truths for deep Living.'”

The “Flecks of Gold” collection proposes the concept that simple facts can folks cope with the difficulties associated with globalization.

Craig is also productive on social media marketing, connecting together with his supporters through blogs, videos, articles, and estimates that give moments of guidance or motivation.

His blog discusses intricate subjects handling life, interactions, and meaning. Present posts include “Convictions — the shortage Thereof” and “Might we state — What I should not Hear.”

Craig’s podcast “lifestyle talk to Craig Lounsbrough” confronts comparable problems, and current episode titles include “Mining Memories — The appliance of Memory.”

What exactly is after that for Craig’s extensive system of methods and resources?

“My personal goals are to develop my writing and posting attempts as a means of expanding the effect of could work,” the guy said. “that features broadening the social media marketing supply of my personal practice, as well.”

Craig was Changing the Course of numerous physical lives for 28 Years

While Craig currently provides guidance to a diverse assortment of couples and individuals, the guy mentioned they aren’t completed increasing their number of services.

“I will continue to develop my personal counseling training. I’m hoping to offer a broadened assortment of services considering the growth in the Denver metro location, in addition to the variety of problems that are part of that progress,” he mentioned. “Im also increasing the practice via telehealth, therefore I can supply guidance solutions to folks outside Colorado.”

Craig remains hectic, and as he intentions to increase the amount of services to meet their consumers’ needs, he sees a big compensation from his initiatives: the private development he witnesses in his clients.

“Change is actually the task associated with the client. The capability from the counselor is secondary. So my personal testimonials tend to be a lot more a tribute towards the patient’s skills.” — Certified Professional Counselor Craig D. Lounsbrough

“Some testimonials happen about physical lives turned about or altered in a fashion that completely modified their particular trajectory,” he said. “Other testimonials go for about help at tough junctures that allowed people to browse those challenging times and proceed with techniques both important and efficient.”

While Craig understands that practitioners can provide clients with tools for modification, the guy additionally recognizes that those willing to make the strive to alter their own everyday lives remain the heroes in their own personal tales.

“Change is actually the task on the individual. The power in the counselor is actually supplementary,” he stated. “So my reviews are a lot a lot more a tribute toward patient’s skills.”


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